Know Before You Show

Please join us in taking the Pledge to help us protect the lives of hard working real estate agents around the nation, and to encourage responsible and safe showing practices for our clients.


Pledges So Far

Because I...

Care about the safety of the real estate agents on my team

Recognize that our agents are placed in dangerous positions when hosting open houses

Believe that no agent should place a potential commission check above their own safety

Believe that no agent should show a home to a stranger that they have not met, pre-qualified, or received identification from

I pledge to...

Ensure that my team is always aware of the dangers inherent in their role, and are trained on the best ways to remain safe while showing homes

Review and revise my policies and office protocols to include the opportunity to agents to have showing clients present ID at the office

Review and revise my policies and office protocols to include the opportunity to agents to have showing clients present ID at the office

Limit my teams’s exposure to dangerous situations including open house practices that unnecessarily place them at risk

Partner with my colleagues and other brokerages to help amend the industry standards that place our agents at risk

Because I...

Care about my personal safety more than a commission check

Care about the safety of other real estate agents in the industry who might be impacted by my practices

Recognize that hosting open houses places me in an unnecessarily unsafe position

Realize that even though I may not feel unsafe, that some of my practices help set expectations from the public which place my colleagues at risk

Recognize that showing a home to strangers whom I have not met or have not submitted identification is an unnecessary risk to take

Owe it to myself, my family, and my colleagues to implement safe showing practices

I pledge to...

Under no circumstances show a home to a stranger without first meeting them at the office or asking them to submit identification

Educate my clients that open houses are a safety concern both for the home owner and myself.

Limit open houses as a marketing strategy and/or make prudent and safe decisions about my open house marketing efforts

Follow my intuition, and not step into situations that I feel uneasy about

Use the buddy system whenever I am unsure or uneasy about a showing or meeting

Make myself available to my fellow agents as a "showing-buddy" should they ever feel the need to take someone along or feel unsafe

Seriously consider the nature of my personal marketing, and its potential impact on my safety

Because I...

Value the safety of Real Estate agents around the nation (who are mothers, fathers, daughters & sons)

Realize that an agent should not be expected to meet strangers whom they have never met at properties 

Realize that sellers deserve the right to know who is entering their home for showings

Realize that it only makes sense for a potential home buyer to be qualified to buy before stepping into people's homes, and would not want unqualified buyers walking around in my home

I pledge to...

Be understanding and patient when real estate agents ask me to meet them at an office or public place before conducting private showings

Be understanding if my agent does not offer open houses as part of their marketing plan

Be open to providing an agent with some form of photo ID prior to expecting them to meet me at a property 

Be open to getting pre-approved before expecting an agent to show me homes

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